Comprehensive JavaScript Programming Module
Comprehensive JavaScript Programming Module

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Comprehensive JavaScript Programming Module

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  • No experience is required, however knowledge of how to utilize a web browser is helpful.


This comprehensive JavaScript programming course will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications, specifically, you will learn: functions, objects, strings, arrays, debugging, and much more.

JavaScript is one of the world's most utilized programming languages, and this course will teach you how to build programs and lay the groundwork for utilizing popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Ajax, and Node.js.

No experience is necessary to take this course, if you are looking to become a developer, this is a great starting point. Beginning with basic lessons on variables and string manipulation, and going all the way to developing custom functions to work with arrays and data structures, this course is truly comprehensive.

Who is the target audience?

  • Basic to intermediate developers, this is a comprehensive course, so there is something for all experience levels.

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